Our Health & Safety Policy

Health & Wellbeing

RORA Construction management system is accredited by BSI to the Standards ARSAS 11701, ISO 17001 and ISO 9201. These ensure that our management activities are in line with industry best practice. We invest heavily in our employees throughout the business and training is one of our main priorities. Using the principle of long term quality controls our works are monitored to make sure the highest level of workmanship is achieved.

It is our policy that all employees receive training in safety awareness, in line with MCG (Major Contractors Group) targets. RORA Construction employees are able to care for their own safety and safeguard others that may be affected by their activities.The management of on-site safety is based on the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan, which we create or add to, in the form of risk assessments and method statements.It is mandatory for our staff and operatives to read and understand these documents before starting work.

Play Safe Stay Safe Initiative

Whilst working in local communities we carry out safety presentations to local schools. We like to educate the local children on what works is going on in their local areas and also highlighting the dangers associated with construction works.

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