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Our Communities

We invest in our people and we actively encourage their development, so their career prospects and opportunities advance with us. Our graduate programme is known for rotating entrants through many different aspects of civil contracting – ensuring they meet the challenges from day one and learn to take responsibility in their final area of specialisation.We value our diverse workforce and provide both employment and empowerment. With our work sometimes touching on sensitive sites, the cultural heritage training we provide ensures cultural concerns are respected. RORA Construction has a long and proud family history and we retain a unique family-based culture of looking after each other. Like good families, we’re there for the neighbours when things turn bad. We rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in after the devastating Christchurch earthquakes and the Queensland floods in 2011 and 2013.Our wealth of experience means we work confidently and efficiently, side-by-side with civil and emergency authorities, clearing roads, alerting traffic to hazards and dealing with both the immediate aftermath of disasters and the long haul back to normal.When Christchurch’s earthquakes struck, we were on the ground and ready to help – making our people and our asset management technology available to map the local road network and show the status of road and bridge closures. As the Christchurch rebuild continues, RORA Construction remains a cornerstone member of the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT).We’re also there when times are good and we love supporting local community programmes and projects, encouraging our people to do their bit and helping make sure the communities we build are communities with heart.

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